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November 2018
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What You Should Known About Tax Credits

Tax credits are paid to taxpayers by the revenue authority based on a number of factors. They can boost household finances and it is common for recipients to obtain thousands of dollars each year. Working individuals may be able to file claims for working tax credits if their salaries are low. On the other hand,… Read More

What To Expect In A Court Of Law

When you have any case against you, it is safe to ensure that you show up for the proceedings. Being present for the case will mean you are serious about the case and you want to get it done with. Absence from the court will mean you are not serious with the court systems. This… Read More

How to Get Custody of Your Child

In divorce cases where children are involved, the subject of custody will come up at some point. In order to get custody- or at the very least, visitation- of your child, you are going to need to file a petition with the court and have custody/visitation determined by a judge. The judge will listen to… Read More

Legalize Marijuana and Save the Country


There are thousands of people who are in jail today because of drug crimes they committed involving marijuana. This is a non violent crime that involves a substance that is less harmful to society than legal substances like alcohol. Historically cannabis was a plant that was used to produce many useful products for society, but… Read More

Does Justice for All Exist in America?

american justice system

Call detroit criminal defense attorney Kevin Bessant Law for the best detroit dui attorney I’ve discovered. Check out his Youtube video on being the best detroit criminal defense attorney! Justice is a word that is used all the time in political arenas all over the world but looking at the legal system, some would have to wonder… Read More

Brotherhood of Cops is Unethical!

unethical cops

Since the beginning of law enforcement there has been an unspoken code between officers of different precincts, jurisdictions and states that the brotherhood of cops will take care of their own. On the surface it seems like a situation that would provide a much needed perk to hard working public servants everywhere. Unfortunately the result… Read More

Big Brother is Watching You

criminal defense law

When it comes to the criminal justice system, nothing has changed more over the past ten years then the rights of a person when it comes to searches and seizures. There has been a huge change from the authorities needing a warrant in order to tap a phone or read a personal email. To today,… Read More