Does Justice for All Exist in America?

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Justice is a word that is used all the time in political arenas all over the world but looking at the legal system, some would have to wonder if the true meaning of the word could have ever been used as an adjective for them. Justice is basically defined as one gets what one deserves.  This simple definition really throws a lot of questions into play about how people are treated in this land.  Those with money never seem to be punished while those who don’t have money are at the mercy of the legal system which is proving itself to be far from up to the challenge.

Money Talks

Throughout the recent history of the United States there are many examples about how people with money are treated differently than those who have no money at all. It begins and ends with OJ Simpson. This is a man that was accused of killing his wife and her friend because he was jealous.  Due to his money and celebrity he was able to get away with the crime in a criminal trial. Even though found responsible in a civil law suit, he never served a day for committing two murders.  It is a fact that the defendant had enough money to hire lawyers who could cast doubt on rock solid evidence.  At the same time there were many criminals who were sent to prison for life on much less evidence, no fanfare and media coverage. Perhaps they were guilty or not but the fact that each were treated differently is definitely not equal.

An Eye for an Eye

In the Bible, the justice that God called for was an eye for an eye, and in today’s world that is hardly the case. Big corporations dump poison into the environment and destroy wetlands and nobody is held accountable. The CEO’s and decision makers hide behind the corporation and are often never punished for the wrongs that they committed. People’s lives are ruined as they become sick from toxic waste, but because they have money there seems to be no real way to prosecute these people. Corporations are not held at the same standard as a person, in fact today they are given a lot more freedoms. Since it is believed that a strong business climate will lead to an increase in the well being of others.  Justice seems to be hard to find in the world today, because it seems like there is no situation in which anyone gets what they truly deserve.


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