Legalize Marijuana and Save the Country

potinhandThere are thousands of people who are in jail today because of drug crimes they committed involving marijuana. This is a non violent crime that involves a substance that is less harmful to society than legal substances like alcohol. Historically cannabis was a plant that was used to produce many useful products for society, but because of fear of competition from the cotton industry and the paper industry the plant was made illegal in the early 1900’s. There was a misinformation propaganda campaign started against the plant that has not been relinquished to this day. However the positives of marijuana have started to be recognized and slowly but surely the drug is becoming legal.  The problem with this is that many people are in prison for dealing in a substance that is becoming more legal each day. In Colorado the entire state has declared marijuana legal. Here is why this is important.

Money Saved on Law Enforcement

One of the first benefits is going to result from the money that the authorities no longer have to spend on enforcing the marijuana laws, the courts don’t have to prosecute them and the prisons don’t have to house the users of this drug. This alone should be enough financial benefit but it is only the surface savings. The production and sale of marijuana can be brought into the system and the government can regulate the production of marijuana and tax the sale of the drug. All of the money made from the taxation can go toward maintaining the proper enforcement of the law. There is no doubt that legalizing the plant will be a financial boon to the government and the new industry.

Benefits of Cannabis

It has long been noted that the use of marijuana provides patients suffering from certain illnesses and undergoing medical treatments a real relief. This is making a person’s quality of life just a little bit better, but there are other uses for the plant. The hemp plant can help to produce many really valuable substances like paper, medicine, animal feed, clothe, nutritional substance and medical supplies to name just a few. All from a plant that is treated as a poison when the good of this plant far outweighs any perceived negative.

There is a fear today about the use of marijuana because simple minded people are concerned that everyone in America will suddenly start smoking pot if it is made legal. However in places where it is legal there has been no significant uptick in consumption. Marijuana should be legalized in America and the sooner it happens the better we will all be.


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