What You Should Known About Tax Credits

Tax credits are paid to taxpayers by the revenue authority based on a number of factors. They can boost household finances and it is common for recipients to obtain thousands of dollars each year. Working individuals may be able to file claims for working tax credits if their salaries are low. On the other hand, some parents are eligible for the child tax credit. This is only applicable to taxpayers with children under the age of 16. However, parents with children aged between 16 and 19 can only claim the credits if their kids are studying full-time at higher levels of learning.

The tax credit system is implemented based on a predefined process, which works in two stages. These include an initial award and a final award. The award is influenced by the taxpayer’s financial circumstances in a given tax year. The revenue authority considers a variety of factors, including current childcare costs, total working hours per week, number of children, any family members entitled to disability benefits and marital status.

The initial credit award is only approved if the income for the current tax season is below a predefined threshold. On the other hand, an individual’s final tax credit award is determined by the income on the current tax year or following year. The choice of year to consider is influenced by factors, such as income stagnation or reduction by a given amount. In the event that the taxpayer’s income falls during the current year, the revenue authority will ignore the first difference between the previous year’s income based on the predefined amount.

Conversely, if the taxpayer’s income rises — the first predefined amount is ignored. As can be expected, calculating tax credits can be daunting. Fortunately, experts like Myles Haverluck Tax can help individuals calculate and understand how tax credits are awarded. With the assistance of a tax adviser, it becomes easier to make a claim based on accurate assessments.

Myles Haverluck Tax enables individuals and companies to grasp detailed conditions associated with the claims.


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